Your challenges


Ensuring continuity is a major issue for many companies in Quebec. The future of companies is closely related to the next generation, because without it, a company might not survive. For many leaders, preparing for the transfer of their business is very difficult.  Whether the challenge is finding a successor or determining the way the transfer will be made, it is never easy.  A good succession planning will allow the company to stay profitable and competitive without any impact on its survival.

One must consider several elements to achieve an effective succession planning:

- Analyzing opportunities;
- Keeping the business in the family according to the objectives;
- Finding and training the new successor;
- Selling the business to other shareholders;
- Evaluating the market value of the business;
- Finding the funding for the next generation;
- Considering taxation and the applicable law;
- Manage the assets.

All these issues are critical to the future success of a company.