Sonia Blanchette

Sonia Blanchette

CPA auditor, CA, partner

Ms. Sonia Blanchette obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 1990 and her Chartered Accountant designation in 1992. She began at Pellerin Potvin Gagnon in 1990 and became the first woman partner of the firm in June 2005.

Eager to offer quality service and to meet the expectations of her clientele, Ms. Blanchette remains available and attentive to the needs of her customers. Her Integrity and professionalism, core values, help to maintain a good balance between family, work, social life and recreation.

Ms. Blanchette is an accountant, specializing in general assurance mandates. She also carries out various corporate reorganization mandates for the acquisition or sale of businesses, estate planning and business succession. Her clientele consists primarily of companies in the sectors of construction, manufacturing, distribution, management, agriculture, medicine and other health-related services.

To join Ms. Sonia Blanchette : sblanchette@ppgca.com or by phone at 819-758-3161