To guide and support their clients on the way to success, PPG associates are surrounded by dynamic professionals with diverse skills, building a multidisciplinary team focused on excellence.

By mobilizing these skills, PPG ensures a diligent response to the changing needs of its customers and provides them, under one roof, with a wide range of services both nationally and internationally: management advice and accounting certification, taxation, corporate and commercial law.

Highly qualified and with the ability to adapt its services to the emerging realities of the market, the firm PELLERIN POTVIN GAGNON has gained the trust of companies in sectors highly varied, based primarily in Canada and the United States.

If the skill is acquired, excellence can be recognized...

For its audit work quality and integrity in relation to financial information, PPG is an accredited Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) and is therefore authorized by the CPAB to check public companies.


In addition, one of the partners owns the PPG Certified Public Accountant (CPA),equivalent of CPA -CA in USA. With the globalization of markets, PPG considers itself relevant providing the services of a CPA in its office thereby ensuring the needs of its clients operating internationally and requiring an expertise in American accounting.